‘ Tis The Season

‘Tis the season for holiday cheer
for some it’s an innate time of dread
some glow from head to toe
count down to that momentous day
when the path of kings and gods alike collided
a child born a story told
carrying more than a few of the die harden
Old Testament New Testament
King James elegant English word stirring
emotion provoking version bible toting
faithful from the depths of Mother Earth
places unknown but alas capturing
the hearts and imaginations
generation after generation
war after war
century after century
blood shed…
countless numbers cherish and pray
to whom they have tenderly named
God Jehovah Yahweh
as their anointed and holy one ~
…yet the battle
still rages on and on
who are those chosen few
that will eventually rise above
the rest with wings of gold
and harps strum by feathered wings
of baby angels
we maintain our right to walk the path
of the glorious with the burden of
a self proclaimed hierarchy
…attempting to listen
comprehend without a judgmental
mindset weapon held tightly in hand
I continue to wonder in amazement
how one maintains sustains
faith unquestionably…

Holiday festive gatherings with family and friends Christmas tree and candle light twinkle red blue yellow the smell of evergreen and spice such a magical sight snow flakes if we are fortunate will fall from the sky setting the tone blanketing the world in white symbolic of peace and hope as we wait for the events once again to occur on this the most holy of nights…

© 2016 TrilbyYates


Leap Of Faith

Odd the way people
come and go
floating in and out
of my life
and as the wind blows
it’s just another reminder
how walking from here
to there
can more often then not
lead to somewhere
and it’s been years
since I’ve felt
the flutter of angel wings
against my brow
or the holier than thou
touch on my shoulder
reminding me
I’m not really alone
and I have to say
if I were to write another book
disconnect the edit button
my characters could
make a grown man blush
not that I’m some femme fatale
but I’ve had my share
of wanting to fade away
into the harsh light
of the morning after
disappearing into the wallpaper
flip the switch from night to day
no looking back
always on a fast track
one shoe on
the other left behind
stumble jumping
wishful thinking
Freudian slip
least of my worries
a slow stroll
to the very edge
fingers grip
and I take that leap of faith
time and time again
like a cat with nine lives
always landing on my feet
a bit battered and bruised
but never giving up the ship
a life lesson I’ve learned very well…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

I Dream Of You

I dream of you…(softly)
I dream of you…(tearfully)
…dream of you…(whisper)
I dream about you…(loudly)
I dream about you…(tearfully)
I scream for you…(scream)
I SCREAM…(anger)
SCREAM to the heavens…(pissed off)
CLENCHED FISTS to the heavens…(without fear)
I SCREAM FOR YOU…(hysterically)
I scream without reply…(reluctantly)
I cry for you, weep uncontrollably for you…(sorrowfully)
I ache, my heart aches…(painfully)
I curse the heavens…(sparks fly)
I curse the angels, god, day, night…(fuck)
I curse the existence of this life…(fuck)
I fall to my knees and beg for you…(pleading)
I beg without ego or pride…(alone)
I beg for you…(relentlessly)
I linger…(hopefully)
I linger with one foot in the past…(mournfully)
I linger with peace in my heart in the past…(joyfully)
I hang on the edges with one foot in the present…(letting go)
I hang on the edges…one foot in the present…(surrendering)

I dream of you…love(softly)
I dream of you…love(tearfully)
…dream of you…love(whisper)

I ask…for you…I reach for you…I reach

© 2016 Trilby

Dance Away My Fears

The past seeps into some kind
of abstract perspective
My own different from yours – I am sure
My spin, my angle from where I sleep
never falls short of illusive
Yours, off in the distant fog – sails full
wind blows coast to coast,
shore to shore drop off
You catch sea foam in you hands
and playfully toss it into the air
I wonder if you will
remain so beautiful – in the afterlife
Tear stained face, eyes covered in shades
– to keep out the light
Death comes in with a brute force;
an awakening of sorts – I suppose
It’s the alarm clock of life,
ticking by waking us up to another day;
while visuals flash between
the mind and daydreams
of a past that needs to be
– reckoned with
And all we have is where we stand
right here and in the now
Feet planted firmly in the sand
forever changing
foot prints slip away
beyond the reef
and into the deep blue sea
The past has a hold of my heart
and I can’t seem to set it free
Yesterday is incomplete…so sublime
and if I could do one more thing
If I could go back in time
…step out and rewind
It would be to linger
with you standing in the waves
I would tell you
all the things you
ever wanted to know
Say all the things
you needed me to say
…if I had just one more day
What if I held out my hand
and you never let go
Would the Angels come
between us and tare us apart
So I will try not to cry
for you sweet darlin
I’ll try not to shed another tear
and I promise to walk along the shoreline
and dance away all my fears
…dance away my fears

©2015 TrilbyYates