Blessing In Disguise

Each day is a blessing in disguise
As quoted by someone from another era
Another place in time when survival
Wasn’t just about sickness and health
Or Peace and war – we still had hope
Do we have the strength to hold this blessing close to heart
When life takes slow steps toward an early exit
And there isn’t anything one can do but watch and wait
Continuing on to the doing day to day
That makes no sense in the big picture
But keeps sanity close at hand for a while
When day light makes the real monsters hide
Like children afraid of the shadows in the night
And there isn’t a scientific answer to the question
Like the proverbial glove that never fits
We want to know…what can and can’t be done
In those profound moments when love doesn’t conquer all
And what we are can be held in the palm
Of one tiny fragile lingering hand
That waves farewell to what we have come to know and cherish
As each breath escapes into a timeless abyss
Of peace and tranquility

© 2016 TrilbyYates