Nature does not come to me naturally
It does not draw me in and enchant me
Mesmerizing dancing fantasies
It does not set my inner child free
Holding the fear close – irrational push pull
The child holds it close occasionally letting it go
Nature does not entice my lioness spirit to roar
Or prompt an inquisitive desire for more
I am particular about how nature is allowed in
Uneasy to let it too close
Uneasy without making excuses
Yet I see the beauty in Nature’s way – abstract tunnel vision
Not blinded by its uncertainty or adrenaline rush
I absorb Natures gentle stimulation
I can see the reflective shimmer in a raindrop
The intricacies in a single snowflake
The connection of each petal to the flower’s core
I accept the power in a wistful wind
Aware of how fickle its mood can be
To heal and wound, give and take – unpredictability
Never underestimating the breath of the sea
I’m comfortable with its endless eastward view
Waves, sand and shell liberating – endless lacking
No boundaries or considerations
Nature does not come naturally to me

© 2016 TrilbyYates