Twinkling Lights

Warm cup of coffee
hands wrapped
tightly around
over sized thermos
skim latte
with a dash
of cinnamon
comfort zone
no way home
thoughts interrupt
warm and reminiscent
shooting shiver
from head to toe
gazing amusement
while black swans glide
ceremoniously atop
the biting cold waters
Saugatuck LIS Atlantic
fed riverbed
elegantly withdrawn
as the world drives by
stone overpass
white blanket holiday snow
wind gust grabs a hold
symbolic flags blow
tide seems mid to high
full moon mesmerizing glow
not a lonely place
sitting in the quiet
of all that is before me
Mother Natures
early morning winter show
pre-dawn blues
shake rattle and roll
remembering songs
that touch deep into the spirit
and truth seeker soothes the soul
blue notes strung together
twinkling lights from long, long ago
…such a long time ago…

© 2016 TrilbyYates