Heaven Waits For No One

There are surreal moments
fireflies flash of light
in the dark electrifying shiver
no lingering wisp of air left cheek
touch gently and pause
no hushed words
carried in the wind
to lead the way
moments that are blinding
heart breaking breathtaking
leaving me drenched in memories
memories that have haunted
and humored me for years
time twists
rooted in distant dreams
and hesitation
nothing can touch the depth
the roar of the ocean
your hand holding mine
words lift and drift
the pull of tomorrow
the pull of almost
the pull the angst
the heart explodes
shattered windowpane fragments
fall-out glistening splinters
no definition
no direction
rain drops rippling rings
no norm or form
undefined and overwhelmed
in such caught off guard shift
while Heaven waits for no one.

©2019 TrilbyYates