Dating Site Pause

Drop down distance 50 mile radius
I remain geographically undesirable
Age range is a throwback
Reminiscent of my youth
Always dated older men
I’m sure Freud would have a field day
Challenging whose fault I am
But now I’ve tightened the circle
Fear based sense of loss I couldn’t bear again
Nothing is a sure bet, right?
Could get hit by a car walking
Down the boulevard (I love that word)
– or a plane could fall out of the sky…
Body type remains a stumbling block
My heart has always leaned more into the wind
All the particulars, the nonnegotiables
Line up categorically; check the boxes
Maybe, no way, sometimes, never
Profiles in courage fact or fiction?
A toss of the dice, a leap of faith
Someone once said, if you can’t dazzle them
with your intellect, baffle them with your BS
In 500 words or less master of reveal/conceal
The law of attraction a visual score card
A photo speaks or screams volumes
Point of reference like a magnet
Verifiable stress tester button pushing ego bender
Expand your horizons or you’ll never know
Unless you jump
Unless you click
Unless you trust
Unless you swipe….left or right

©2019 TrilbyYates