Sleepless In My Dreams

It’s that late night can’t sleep
Walking through the graveyard push
When darkness is more than a symptom
Or an absence of light; aphotic zone
And the sun rises in the east every fucking morning
Like a dagger to my heart, silver bullet to my chest
There are times when those magnificent golden rays
A new day dawning and hope are wrapped in a burn
And it’s like pouring salt into a fresh tear
Flesh to muscle to bone; sting
Or finding a note, in your hand, tucked away
Short but sweet, always love; always, always, always
An all encompassing angst
I’m tired of the repetition and the draw
The only other thing to do is agree it’s a bitch
Tap the pressure points and find my way home
Or twist the knots tighter and wait for the bell to ring
Last round, last song, dance, kiss, whisper, whisper; hush
Years pass, I’ve aged but you; I think not
Heaven, Hell, Limbo nothing ages the dead
And the dead will never be forgotten
An aphrodisiac or a commemorative moment pause
Time spent drift off shadows fall
Footprints in ashes and ashes to dust

©2019 TrilbyYates