My Love

July. July. It holds me close wrapped in warmth love promise laughter. The future bright blinding the past so far away. Loss fear edge of the cliff slippery slope. Flashback siren red lights spinning warning; red blood white towels pulse flat line flat Memory wedding bells your beautiful face; tux flowers in your lapel high …

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Up In Smoke

Twirling feather-like wisps, pearly white cloud vapor puff long lingering drag deep breath in, the epitome of expectation, love, loss, your wedding ring worn for comfort, the past, present, future; dreams, dreams and memories - up in smoke Self portrait Gerard T. Yates (11.26.54 - 10.27.07) © TrilbyYates 2016


Rain is falling wind blows I find myself resting in the familiar back in those days and nights when we were one another's life line hanging on for dear life death every breath Mid night mid day sun doesn't rise you would whisper random thoughts that played like songs from a cherished album I would …

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