Time cruises around like a hotshot in a sports car
Top down, wind blowing; head shaking moments
Fingers tapping the steering wheel to a song not yet written
Unburdened freedom is better than a first kiss; well, almost
Or that last look waving goodbye summers end drift
Time is an orphan, belonging to no one;
But known to everyone with a fleeting sense
Of familiarity Déjà vu
These days I am a hit and run tragedy
Time slammed into me and split me with precision
Without a second thought or reflective glance
Backwards dancer glide through space and time
Clearly a lack of expertise in the art
Of how one reacts to having sandbags tied
Around your waist and being shoved off the GWB (a favorite local hot spot)
That’s how it lands when someone you love dies.
A break-up is a burn with left over blisters and lingering misgivings
Death is a quick snap, sudden and without care or concern
The tear is deep, sharp and unforgiving
No turning back.
No apologies.
No hesitation.
…and I continue to float

©2019 TrilbyYates