Freedom Rings Off Key

Tonight I sleep in a Xanax induced slumber
paper gun tucked under my pillow
hands tactically placed meditating
rosary beads smooth and worn from years
of deep sleep prayers
never to see the light of day
or have the privilege to be heard
amongst saints or sinners
I land gently with neither
while my finger is on the trigger
safety lock slips into a death zone
premonition soothsayer shakes
and bones rattle my inability to rationalize
all that has passed between myself
and the woman I have become
with a history of causes marching on and on
for peace, women, race, gender – equality
always with the winds of truth at my back
and promise in my future
as if one move to the distant right or far left
could have turned the pages
with more distinction or pride
my failures come wrapped neatly
prepackaged fate on a blank slate
each line filled with facts
non-fiction has always been intriguing
clarity seems a glazed over version
of all the do-s and don’t-s
and I am in awe of how flat the earth really is
or maybe its curve was just another myth
the way freedom rings off key every now and then
every now and then…

© TrilbyYates 2016



Sound down images skip back and forth
across the stage
life isn’t always a vibe high
fresh face light up the sky quick fisted
moments linger daydreams give pause
a glimpse of hope and bewilderment
yet we remain
we continue on
and if we choose to cut our loses and bag it
consequences loom clouded fate begs
for a sliver of lighthearted rhetoric
to and fro back and forth
caught off guard kiss with impulse
and abandon nothing
lose nothing
take a chance risk factor hell bent
on keeping the line straight
although the fork is more often than not
a low road bend
and how does love remain
when you’ve been gone so long
…it’s an oxymoron

© TrilbyYates 2016

Dazzling My Senses

All the human elements
lined up with perfection
– the tangible and the abstract…
The underlying passions and dreams;
the insecurities and vulnerabilities – risk factors
We all have our fantasies
tucked away quietly at times,
joyful exhilaration at others – how risqué
– slightest blush at the thought
I tumbled willfully without intention
into a gentle comforting place
as if magically conjured up
by some unknown source;
Moirai song of fate
pleasantly lulling away
any sense of fear – or logic
Surprised how perfectly
your hand fit into mine;
sand and sea – intoxicating…
A sense of knowing reassured
an unwillingness to turn away
Admitting that sometimes
I fall down the rabbit hole – with eyes wide
Alice In Wonderland’s flawed belief
questioning all that is good
and all that is grand,
all that is outstanding
and unique – simply sublime
Smiling at the familiarity
acknowledged by the look in your eyes
My life has become a free fall
– with no expectations
Allowing me to keep clear
of becoming judgmentally minded
So while thunder storms
and high humidity swirled around us
dazzling my senses…
– you leaned in and kissed me once more ~

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Cat Call

Lightly from high above
The cement masses
Whistles and cat calls
Reminiscent of a 50’s B flick
With blonde bombshells
And well manicured mustaches
That get twisted when the mood shifts
From scene to scene
Little girl with grown up shoes
Struts her stuff
While taking another puff
Long thin 100s imported
Via her new daddy’s
Best stash dipped
In candy coated cocaine
For character reference
And a little push
All for the sake of its own
Gentle manipulative shove
She slips from the right – side of the curve
To the depths of hell in waiting
There is no bounce left in her step
Looking up with a child’s eye
Batting her thick false lashes
Trying to disguise
Her lack of expertise
In matters of lust and passion
What entices the streets
Of a city that never sleeps;
Never protecting its young
and innocent – taking from the weak…?

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Dance Away My Fears

The past seeps into some kind
of abstract perspective
My own different from yours – I am sure
My spin, my angle from where I sleep
never falls short of illusive
Yours, off in the distant fog – sails full
wind blows coast to coast,
shore to shore drop off
You catch sea foam in you hands
and playfully toss it into the air
I wonder if you will
remain so beautiful – in the afterlife
Tear stained face, eyes covered in shades
– to keep out the light
Death comes in with a brute force;
an awakening of sorts – I suppose
It’s the alarm clock of life,
ticking by waking us up to another day;
while visuals flash between
the mind and daydreams
of a past that needs to be
– reckoned with
And all we have is where we stand
right here and in the now
Feet planted firmly in the sand
forever changing
foot prints slip away
beyond the reef
and into the deep blue sea
The past has a hold of my heart
and I can’t seem to set it free
Yesterday is incomplete…so sublime
and if I could do one more thing
If I could go back in time
…step out and rewind
It would be to linger
with you standing in the waves
I would tell you
all the things you
ever wanted to know
Say all the things
you needed me to say
…if I had just one more day
What if I held out my hand
and you never let go
Would the Angels come
between us and tare us apart
So I will try not to cry
for you sweet darlin
I’ll try not to shed another tear
and I promise to walk along the shoreline
and dance away all my fears
…dance away my fears

©2015 TrilbyYates