Emptiness is a hollow space longing to fill a void
Longing to feel a sense of grace
…sanctioned by the loved and lost
Where all the plus and minus’s are scorned
Thinly veiled and sharp edges cut deep wounds
Splinters of blood appear thicker than water
And grace will come like a ray of sunlight
Softening the edges; any port any storm
Replacing my ego with gentle humanity
Humble empathetic sorrow is a scratch on my heart
A braid that falls gently down my back; a memory sensor
Forgiveness, salvation, empathy – love
A broken compass twists in the wind; a battered skiff
That once crisscrossed shore to shore engulfed
The last harbor of decency; destination north by northeast
Grace floats above the fray tinged strands dangling from earlobes

©2020 TrilbyYates