Heart and Heart

Eyes close take a deep breath
deep breath through the nose slow inhale
never letting go never letting go
filling the lungs filling the emptiness
in hallowed walls muted color soaked sanitized
lack of smell
lack of individuality
lack of who I am
color soaked sanitized

Form A form B circle one cross out one two
all the others the others that don’t apply
what does apply when the chest rises and doesn’t fall
what applies when you are shuffled in different directions
more questions more questions more questions
answers come to slow answers drift into the abyss
or they never come at all they hang in mind air
eyes close and I ask the cosmos I ask the goddess
will I ever see you again
will I ever feel you again
I drift away deep out of body drift and dreams

A nonsensical arbitrary paper trail
the imperial order of a healthcare hierarchy
that moves in white lab coats and clip boards
that holds an oath to do no harm to do no harm
I drift in and out now and then lights flash I drift
I drift away deep out of body drift and dreams

My hand on your chest your hand on mine heart beats
my love my love I hold your gentle heart in memories deep
I count each beat I drift out of body drift and dreams
you reach inside my chest my heart in your hands
you count each beat you whisper as I drift
you whisper my name you hold my heart
it’s not my time you let go I drift out of body
dream twist you let go another time love another time…

©2017 TrilbyYates


Vodka Tonic

Ice cubes in a glass
Tito’s poured slowly
tonic two fingers from the top
slice of lime
juice rubbed around the rim
walk outside feel the ocean breeze
and drift away
we sit across a small table
from one another
candle light spins time
into a void
you look at me eyes still sky blue
and brilliant
I can’t help but wonder
how time flies
when life and love took us
in different directions
not an excuse a simple fact
you in Chicago
me in the greatest city on earth
my half hearted attempt to apologize
for the past falls flat
you lean in and whisper
“…not to worry you are still so sexy…”
I laugh at the thought
and you flirt like a school boy
but what the hell innocence is a mind set
and I’m a widow
and you’ve been married for thirty years
always faithful – sort of
we digress and it’s all good
it’s all ok surrounded by circumstance
dismayed by the clarity of memories
recalling a kiss
the touch of your hand
and as if by osmosis
your fingers reach for mine
and a tear falls for old times sake
you smile and I can’t turn away
from the what if’s
I own where I’ve been

There is a slight shift in the wind, tide is high
a full moon is on the rise…

©2017 TrilbyYates

Window To The Soul


You would say…the hardest thing to do is a self portrait…keeping ego at bay…capturing the moment, the emotion without pretense, without the “say cheese” factor, candid…the eyes are the windows to the soul, the camera just preserves a moment.

Winter winds blow and your voice like a whisper is carried by a memory of a promise…a photograph speaks volumes ~

© 2016 Trilby Yates

Blank Slate #2

Deep breath, deep painfully deep – I inhale, count 1,2,3,4,5…5,5,5 chest aches holding more than oxygen in; exhale blowing out nothing more than possibilities for a better day, a bettter sense of wellness, a suitcase full of angst

Memories are tiny clips, images wrapped within emotional set backs, images – a glimpse of things never forgotten, there is nothing lost in the details; texture, scent, gut reaction – fear escapes in illusions; fear an escape hatch with wisdom and for the wise, a camouflaged lifestyle always in disguise

A child, time stands still, new and fresh – old and stale crystal clear foggy storyline has all been told before, nothing new on the home front, nothing new as time slips away – 20,30,40,50 so many years ago, still, time is motionless as if yesterday

Questions never answered; they have shifted with time from why, to when – when will it not matter any longer; when will the jagged edges become smooth, when will fading away into the darkness of someone else’s life…become a release and not a failure, the path chosen cosmic shift twist of fate – a blank slate, a blank slate…

© TrilbyYates 2016


A rush, adrenaline high – his hands shake walking away back stab left over son of a bitch silence engulfs the space on the floor, simplistic empty hole in the wall; questions follow and wounds never heal they go underground waiting for another day to step out and sabotage what tiny thread of hope that may linger or psychological therapy dredged banter that fills the medicine cabinet cocktail blend fix for another shade drawn melancholy pseudo way of life. Another day in the sun.

From the look on his face, the way he carries his body weight, he has no recollection, no inkling, or a nagging – maybe…grainy image illuminating sequence film, black and white flip book play back – a trigger to that one single flash in time when the earth ruptured and hand to head cracked, a sound enveloped in bubble wrapped packing. A moment of hardcore mind bending assault slips deeply into the cranial cavity, tucked away like a souvenir, a memento – cherished.

Déjà vu is an expression that taps into something that feels familiar, “I’ve been here before…”, a taunting recollection, a chill up the spine; but he is a flat line, a jab in the chest – a twisted bend with a sense of entitlement. It was never about how she looked or what she wore, the way she spoke. It was always unequivocally without bias, about “she“.  She the gender, she the girl, she the woman.

A society of fame and fortune protected perpetrator with deep pockets and words that torment and fingers that don’t reach out they tare inward at humanity; taking a stab at what is owned and inherited by gender and gender-less complications of societal norms when one steps up the pace and the other sets the standard –

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Train Ride

Long train ride
eyes close
images sharpen
and the senses
seem unusually high
and maybe
it was the way
you kissed me
or the way your hand
was gently placed
in the lowest part
of my back
pulling me close
swaying to the music
dancing has never felt
so seductive
brushing my hair
off my neck
whispered words
the rhythm
from the top
of the crystalline
to the fiery depths
of hell
a moment in time
holds tenderly
perfection in memories
if nothing is accidental
all has purpose and intent
lessons lived
and lessons learned
explanations not needed
when two ships
in the night
and yet
remain connected –

…the conductor walks by, click, click…next stop Westport, walk two cars forward and watch your step…

© 2013 TrilbyYates (Metro North ~ photo by TYates)

Old Man

Old man’s
whiskey soaked
voice crackles
sparks explode
translucent color
drenched skies
Blues man
juke joint
a few steps
from the past
reflect back
dancing hands
held high
fingers snapping
deja vu
sweet drifting
Westminster shuffle
bump and grind
heart’s beat
keeping time
same swagger
tilt of his head
continues to mesmerize…

© 2016 Trilby

 (photo by Johanna’s Visions)

Our Worlds Collided

This time of the year
comes around
sails full
and heart strings pull
….which way do I lean

A hard wind blows
and I still don’t know
how to live this life
…in the darkness

Candle light seeps
through veins of hope
and the night dances
on and on
off in the distance
a familiar song
sings sentimental
I recall the tiniest of detail
emotional tides turn
memories burn
even though
…the flames have faded
yet I continue to dream
of a Newport scene
when our worlds collided…

© 2016 Trilby

Second Wind Next Life

Ten second spin off
you still can’t
recall my name
and if I blink
would fade away
only the scent
of yesterday remains
you don’t
hold a candle
to him
my Angel in the night
Blue Moon Belgian style
wheat ale
is a cheap and much welcomed
words from a stranger
send a chill
like a sharp shooter
your aim
was off
missing your target
without intention
or thought
too much pressure
on where we are
where we have been
self help groups
are the fall guy
for winners in disguise
walking away
with much more than pride
ego can mask
only so much
when life throws
a curve ball
sliding home
is not an option
when that safe haven
slipped away
years ago
I still wonder
what road
I would have traveled
if I hadn’t been on the run
grabbing this and that
along the way
carpetbagger by trade
inherent scene of survival
never giving up the ghost
hanging on for dear life
and praying
for a quick release

Darling I’ll see you at the cross roads….second wind, next life…

© 2016 Trilby