Summer Sanctuary

Summer sanctuary quarantined haven,
without any sense of what day of the week it is
And just as everything begins to blur;
one day, occasionally playfully, running into the next,
a shift in the cosmos sets my thoughts
into a fragmented stream of color – a heavenly spiral upward
There’s a history, a commonality; cyber-space Cupid in absentia.
Like a naive school girl, a smile gently turns up the corners of my mouth
A feeling of “glimmer” shoots across my night ski
causing me to blush and wonder – am I awake?
What an un-sensible rush to suddenly feel the wind
as it dances with my hair and touches my heart
My vulnerability has always been worn like a Medal of Honor;
a white rose pinned to my lapel for the sake of – self acknowledgement
Intuitively I turn and look toward the stars, diamonds in the sky
as if searching for something I lost a long time ago…

And as if destined…I begin to dream again ~

©2020 TrilbyYates