Deep Breath Sigh


We walk the streets;
A new city under our feet
A sense of awe, this is our home – deep breath sigh…
With child-like delight
We capture neighborhood images
You hold my hand, eyes wide, face-masks on
We now know what we didn’t
Welcoming our new surroundings;
Back yard Lady Liberty, NYC skyline
Mind blowing acceptance
New foods, languages, customs; exhilaration – deep breath sigh…
Making room for all that is to come;
As we discover one another
The boxes slowly opened and emptied;
Tentatively placed here there
Everywhere…for now, maybe,
“What do you think…I don’t know, you?”
Step back, look at, evaluate,
shift an inch this way or that
Step back, look at, evaluate,
Gently placed, finally that moment – deep breath sigh…

©2020 TrilbyYates