Doing The Box Step

Ode to the single woman
with a hammer and box cutter
Lifting, pushing, slicing, unpacking
– duct tape is the enemy
A neck and neck tie with the quiet moments
That slip between each half assed
unfinished ENDLESS task
– epitome of hyperbole
It’s the down side of up awash the shift
Daily itinerary and circumstance
obliterate progression
Moving forward not as a widow; as a reject
Unwanted something or other
13 year purchase returned

I digress into self pity and uncertainty – anger enters stage 3

Those days of old, long gone when perfection
was a luscious shade of red lipstick
Worn when the blues would creep in and out
like a thief in broad daylight
– or dead of night
Gone and cutting, renewed yesterday;
beginning again, another day option B
Doing the box step, four corner slide; step one
Step two, step three and four,
deep breath; repeat timeline loop
Ice packs and popped blood vessel

Shame on the meek and humbled

©2021 TrilbyYates