Arrow Of Love And Delight

Skyline sunrise, sunset; distant star off to the left shines bright
Wisdom goes hand in hand with missteps and slit wrists;
a metaphor to describe and convey the impact
– dramatic effect and such
Sleepless nights, slow mornings,
afternoons turn into evenings without incident
And when memories dance about it’s as if some cruel entity
is playing the fiddle, guzzling wine, eating cake – having fun at my expense
– again, a visual for dramatic impact and effect…and such
What now, what then, endless barrage of inquiries, thoughts and process?
Go back analyze, reenact every word, gesture, kiss,
touch, deep breath and sigh
Get the microscope out; recap, evaluate, place blame, own it
– or skip stones across a vast sea of fuck ups.
Questions of why died a week in; anger flares up now and then
Now and then, now and then; repeat like a spin off beat
– but more importantly understanding, clarity,
separation from one story to another, fiction to facts;
my only salvation, my only way off the loop
High hopes, partially dashed wishes of love;
burning sage won’t magically escort these days to the door
No quick fix or delusional thinking can lighten the blow
Stand strong, deep breath in and blow long and hard;
hang on tight, eyes closed and take the hit to the heart
It only burns for an eternal moment…

Know better, be wise next time cupid aims
and fires off an arrow of love and delight

©2021 TrilbyYates