Low Ceilings

Safe haven low ceilings and bathroom so small…
you couldn’t change your mind in it
2nd floor reach up and touch the sky
blue and gray clouds float by
the scent of the ocean fills the air
…once my life my safe haven
and now as I sit in this place
of the unknown I wonder why he would have taken
the road so far and turned back without batting an eye
or explanation cloaked in the darkness
of an early morning sunrise
silence surrounds every moment
the questions fly never landing
taking hold of a one sided love affair
and as each days goes by it’s the silence
that makes it all seem impossible
the betrayal burns to the core;
how will I ever get from A to B if only
if only I had stayed in my safe haven
on the shore – with somebody that I used to know,
somebody that I used to know, I used to know

©2021 TrilbyYates