Self Destruction flashing retro orb lights from the past
disco ball spin off
and somewhere out there in the abyss of bullshit
and reflections
simmering off the cuff comments and intentions
are flying high
touch down no return choices made one on one
excised from the heart
like cancer from the soul scarred and somewhat tattered
let the healing begin
recovery is a cup half full half empty depending on who’s who
hat in hand fragile minded
consequences land in the lap of the disillusioned and broken
bounce back baby background hum
promises made in the heat of passion chill to the bone
in hindsight
tap dancer soothsayers and such abstract visual artists
slight of hand
out there soft images hover angels wings flutter
protective chatter amongst the departed
regret eases as clarity movers and shakers hold truth
like a weapon of self destruction

©2021 TrilbyYates