Summer Love

Imagine stepping outside; early enough to witnessthe sun just about to rise, throwing streaks of goldslowly opening the screen door, old wood frame hearing sounds; sounds of the largest formation on the planet, uninterrupted with its intentions, motivations and natural ability of simply being a silhouette of sand and sea; birds fly overhead seashells scattered …

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Possibility Of Love

Rain falls warm spring late night Street lights glistensWalking the avenue Pass a favorite rendezvous Grab a corner table outside A few minutes here or there Reaching across the tableTouching your face Flash back to when I believed the possibility of love © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.

Dancing Naked

One in the sameUniquely similarUncomfortably familiarMoving full circleLike it or notIt is what it isWho's whoAnd what's whatNarcissistic dialogueOne of a kindFeedback loops aroundChoking someFreeing othersFind your niche babyHip Hop BobbysoxerBohemianBeat GenerationHobo BansheeHippieHipsterGen X Y Z AlphaShacking upHanging outFree loveFriends with benefitsFriends of friendsAcquaintanceStrangersOne night standHit and runBlind dateHooking up What the fuckAll I know …

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