I Feel Safe

I sleep wrapped in a cloak
of ambivalence; yet hopeful
and dreams feel more like
wakeful moments that play out
in the dark of night
eyes closed vibrant visuals
engaging all of my senses
they are heightened
floating in a safety zone
a place that appears surreal
I can feel his heartbeat
against the palm of my hand
he holds it to his chest
it rises and falls
a rhyth-matic constant

I feel safe

I can hear his voice
in the quiet of the night
he whispers words of love
understanding and assurance
“You are a strong wise woman;
so beautiful…”
we kiss and drift off
into the night with city lights
glimmering through the window
he knows I am engulfed in distrust
he knows time is what I need
he holds tender moments
and a space for me to land

“He is a strong wise man;
so beautiful…”

©2021 TrilbyYates