Possibility Of Love

Rain falls warm spring late night Street lights glistensWalking the avenue Pass a favorite rendezvous Grab a corner table outside A few minutes here or there Reaching across the tableTouching your face Flash back to when I believed ...in the possibility of love © 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.

Truth Matters

The question posed It's like a hostile Shot across the bow - slo-mo tormentThe moment lingers Silence slips into What feels like an eternity One click left and all I can think about Is what color your eyes are Noticing they change When you speak Answers don't seem relevant When time stops and the heart …

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Emotions run highThe center of my chest tightenswhen I think of you While I could blame you as the perpetrator That stole a piece of my heart without even knowing it And I suppose I could even forgive your naivete If I believed it to be somewhere on the spectrum of truthBut there is a …

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