Sweet Karma

The morning after; awake to all that has come and gone
Another day of winging it in an era of tentative
– hope and love
This is not so much about lovers leaving nothing behind
– but dishes in the sink
It’s about my king size bed that is absolutely amazing!
Covered in linen sheets, fluffy comforter and pillows…
…oh so many wonderful pillows
I get lost in dreams and anticipation;
knowing this is not the down side any longer
That moment when a bullet tore through my chest
in the middle of a peaceful reverie
Like a thief in the night who stole and ran away
with bits and pieces of my life
My life that was not up for grabs;
or his to be so easily taken, discarded
I rejoice! Rebound! Rebirth! To new beginnings, new heights!
I soar upward like a majestic angel,
adorned and anointed by the “Goddess Of Everything”
A strong woman like me; I hold my beating
yet still bleeding heart within the palms of my hands
Finger tips to lips, purity of intention
and with wings of a dove gliding
to a level that he was never able to reach
because integrity doesn’t come with a wish
and a prayer; it’s in the DNA,
main line to the soul – it’s innate
With some down time, walking in the wind
letting the storm surround me, arms outstretched
Welcoming, accepting, knowing, owning
I am up lifted; the light that was dimmed
is  a bacon in the night
Sometimes when the undeserving leave
it opens the heart to truth
Wisdom and intuition know
what beauty there is to behold
Like a flash; earth moving moments
come once or twice in a lifetime

The local French bakery,
his eyes glanced in my direction;
he caught me in a free fall
And I could see his eyes smile
It was the way he tenderly held my attention
We shared a cup of coffee – and stood 6′ apart
Yet, it was as if there was no space between us
– time or distance

I look ahead and know every
Turning of the tide
Has a specific intention,
A magnificent purpose
The turning of a page
Already written…

Sweet karma comes in all sorts of ways

©2021 TrilbyYates