venomous poison

twilight clouds roll in wind is a lull
but not enough to keep the angst at bay
or discomfort within my own skin
cutting like a knife to my core
slip knot hanging from the rafters
and what was worn on my sleeve
like a badge of purity faith and honor
has been severed and tossed without care or concern
and just as the dark of night begins its journey
small images flash in my mind almost like a slo-mo flick
a torment of what brought me down to a level
I hadn’t experienced in years
since death graced my life and took the one
that held my heart like a fragile and precious gift

you were never that significant
you had no right to take what you did
now as I rebuild my life repair my soul
the anger and disgust seeps in like a venomous poison
that has yet to work its way through my emotional pathway…

©2021 TrilbyYates