Hearts Exposed

Daisy chains, fairy dust and lullaby’s
The sweet scent of wild flowers and herbs
Permeate, filling my sense, my heart
A bouquet of Daffodils ends cut and placed
In a vase; deep turquoise, color of the sea
My thoughts drift; wind in my hair, sand slipping
Between my fingers; I gaze out beyond the horizon
I can feel you, I can reach out and touch your face
Your gentle hands, clear eyes; you take my breath away
You kiss me and my emotions rise – a tear falls
I whisper “…tears of joy, love…”
Thoughts and words linger bitter sweet and beautiful
I’ve walked this beach a million times
Alone and hand in hand – hearts exposed
There are risks to falling in loving – again
But the thought of not seems like a slow death
Welcoming love is a risk we are both willing to take…

©2021 TrilbyYates