Christmas Song

Tis the season, yes, tis the season
for joy, strength, purity of heart, purity of faith
unity in family, friends old and new
sharing and giving unconditional love
…yet there is a distance in the feel
of the Christmas songs
– at least for me
a detached sense of how blessed
we are all supposed to be
when the world is exploding
walls going up, fear and hate soaring
the eagles fly high – the eagle flies alone
and the baby’s cry and a child’s scream
mother, father, sister, brother
running into harms way instead of into the arms
of someone familiar, someone who shares – the same bloodline
maybe they are not hiding on my street
or bleeding in my city but there is a haunting howl
that penetrates and scars the purity of a holy night
and there is no sleep or restful place in my home
the sounds are loud, the sounds are clear,
deafeningly loud and crystal clear
the cry is there for all to hear – where do I belong
and what if we don’t, what if we tune out
turn up the volume on Christmas songs
drowning out the cries; what if we choose
to remain detached – and distant
wrapped in the warmth, wrapped in the safety
of our own homes; not knowing where I belong
what if we choose to close our hearts,
and block the sounds that are drowning out –
…the Christmas songs

©2021 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.