You and me, pink shades gazing into a mirrored pool
Water smooth as glass, no reflection just a bounce
It’s 4 a.m. footsteps are like a whimper in the night
And when the sun rises, all of my angst
All of my failures drift like the distant sound
Of a lover stepping off without notice
A kiss, repetitive words…call you later babe
Maybe it’s the fear of forever
Or the high wearing off
Or a lovers shuffle turning a promise hollow
We all know in the after glow
Promises are like milkweeds blowing in the wind
Glorious fleeting feather-like wisps unattainable
Memories splinter from my heart to my fingertips
And time stops for no one – juxtapose to never growing up
If I could sail off the flat edges and never look back
Storytelling would my life’s joyful madness

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