Dancing Naked

One in the same
Uniquely similar
Uncomfortably familiar
Moving full circle
Like it or not
It is what it is
Who’s who
And what’s what
Narcissistic dialogue
One of a kind
Feedback loops around
Choking some
Freeing others
Find your niche baby
Hip Hop Bobbysoxer
Beat Generation
Hobo Banshee
Gen X Y Z Alpha
Shacking up
Hanging out
Free love
Friends with benefits
Friends of friends
One night stand
Hit and run
Blind date
Hooking up

What the fuck
All I know is
I’m lost without you…

So here we are
Comparing notes
Black outs
Memory lapse
Morning after
Some regrets
Holding back
Never say never
No means no
Passive aggressive
Tinder box
Playing with fire
Cradle robber
Erroneous zone
Giving in
Letting go
Reckless abandon
Counting backward
Keeping score
Fantasy land
Passion pit
Up against a wall…
Recalling it all
Smile wide
Run and hide
Fight or flight
Deny, deny, deny
Dancing naked in the sunlight…

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