Sing To Me

Something about the way a sailboat soothes the weary
When the heart is shattered and nothing makes sense
The gentle way it rolls and holds with each wave
Newport nights a place where a safe harbor
And a safe haven align like the stars in the sky
Or when lovers move insync
I took your hand led you to the forward berth
Opened the hatch a cool sea breeze
Brushed against your face
You reached for my hand whispered – sing to me
I sang softly until your breathing calmed
Watching the slow rise and fall of your chest
My heart ached for you tears fell for you
Our friendship death bonding us together
You wounded and full of grief
Sobbed in your deepest reverie
It was only months later our roles shifted
You took my hand and lead me to the forward berth
Covering me in a down blanket you sat next to me
Took my hand sang softly and for a moment
…sleep quieted my sorrow

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