Deep Blue Sea

Sailing beyond
my senses
Open space
with no boundaries
Wind blows
filling sails,
leaning so far
the rails
mesh with the ocean;
there is no line
or divide…seamless
My mind
remains clear
while demons
from the past
drift off
to a distant edge
of the horizon
vast and so far far away…
With all my experiences,
and all that has yet to unfold,
knowledge continues
to free my soul
And even though
I may have little control
over the strength
and limitless energy
of the deep blue sea;
I have come to know
how to calm
the highs and lows –
the tides of my heart.
A sailors hitch
that twists like a knot
in the pit
of my stomach,
the ache in my spine
causing me to rethink…
what am I still doing here?
When all is said
and all is done,
love remains my destination.
And I will continue
to search,
around the world
port to port,
harbor to harbor;
comforted by the arms
of an endless deep blue sea…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Hudson Line Blows

So we go out to this bar
Saturday night sure thing
Down on the west side
Of the infamous Hudson River
Blonde bombshell with crew
and dark haired mystery woman
Tapan Zee to the north
GWB to the south
Across the river a whistle
On the Hudson Line blows smoke
While flying by everyone waves
As if they are floating on liquid gold
And I’m feeling lost
In my old haunting ground
Like I’ve never been here before
A stranger in familiar surroundings
Out of my comfort zone 
Out of my element
A fish out of water
Square peg 
…in a round hole
And it’s not a far stretch
Of the imagination
Culture shock and reminiscing
Don’t always go hand in hand
Sipping wine through a straw
Cheap fragrant masculine cologne
Fills the air loud bass beat roll
Burns my senses to the core
Vinny and Frankie commonality
Thick in the middle as age creeps up
– but no one seems to notices
By the time last call fades
Off into the mist
I don’t know where I belong any more
Stepping out on all sides
Everything feels heavy handed
Tossing snake eyes coming up double
Maybe it’s a fine time
To play the hand that has been dealt
And fade off into the horizon
On a fast sailing vessel
…Hells Gate with out warning

© 2015 TrilbyYates


One foot in front
of the other
a sexy aloof
sway of the hips
purposely oblivious
to watching eyes
entranced by the sounds
that surround
Atlantic breeze
always makes
the heart skip a beat
passion still flows –
A smile appears as corners
turn up on glossy full lips
simple thought sings silently
when out of the blue
4” stiletto gets stuck
random spaces between
floating dock on top
of a restless sea
throwing off the perfection
of a seductive stride
sweet sound 12 bar riff
the only vibration
that echos bouncing
from mast to mast
obscene ranting
of frustration
pick up the pieces
dust them off
take another step
a bit more aware
of what lie ahead
go against the grain
blow caution to the wind
one last act of defiance
step on board
a swaying 40 footer
heels in hand
exposing a subtle
amount of long legs
a left hand salute
questioning eyes
“Permission to come a board, Captain?”

© 2015 TrilbyYates

Newport Sunset


Days  begin to fade away
Newport sunset lingers
dock begins to sway
sentimental thoughts
make my heart ache
but not
with the intensity
as before
images seem so fresh
I can reach out
and touch…
there is this very fine line
between love
and guilt
wrapped so neatly
in metaphors
our lives meshed together
and tore apart
humanity doesn’t hold a candle
to commitment and vows
we cling to the warmth
of tradition and familiarity ~

© 2013 Trilby

Rainy days and time change

Sailboat w/ lights Rowayton CT

New moon, dark sky
and starlight
Search in silent reverie
for a moment
Grand plan in the scheme of things
A tidal wave of emotion
Filmstrip days move by
frame to frame
Floating images a seductive dance
Creative process takes its toll
There is no apparent wisdom
Precious territory wrapped neatly
In words that clutter
the mind
Yet life has been generous
and trying at times

Second chance, second wind…

© 2011 Trilby