Kiss Beneath The Waves

Paper tigers and butterflies
Whimsical flutter touches
My cheek, my heart
While a playful breeze dances
Past images; memories of marionette smiles
and painted eyes seeing beyond
The unexpected purpose and intent
Mermaids swim against the tide
Chasing love and laughter
Traces of seashells and starlight dancers
Strewn about; a toss up – evening dreams
…or the sweetest reverie
The feel of love between a sea breeze
and the joy of a low tide
As a silent light reaches out
With a gentle nudge of a new day
Once again early morning sunrise
…with the promise of a new moon
A clear sky and a kiss beneath the waves
Deeper than the sea
Anticipation, to my continued delight…

© 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.