Love An Unconditional Free-Fall

There are some things in life
We can control
Anger, violence, integrity
Maybe even life’s passion
(although I think that’s the nature vs nurture debate)
But love…umm don’t think so 
Love comes from a place
Beyond the human logical part of us
…maybe even a divine or heavenly source
Unimaginable, extraordinary…magical
Ever experience that jolt
When you meet someone
It could be their eyes or a casual touch 
And no matter what you tell yourself
Or how you try to dismiss what your heart
Is bleeding for it just continues to hemorrhage
With an overwhelming yearning
To be accepted, wanted, cherished – loved
The images dance in your dreams
Scene after tender scene
Love; an unconditional free-fall
Reaching point A to Z in a heart beat
Love; an emotion, a feeling, a blessing
We will fall and land on our feet…sometimes
Into someones arms…hopefully
Or on our knees –
But at the end of the day
Love will be what it is meant to be
Because love is absolute
And a contradiction
Love has no boundaries
Love is fluid like the tides
Highs and lows
– water between your fingers
As light as a warm breeze
Love has no rules or conditions
Love can empty you or fill you
And that is your choice…accept or deny

© 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.