Almost There

I am a time traveler and I can drift off
with the best of them – or the worst;
it just depends, I suppose
I suppose when the wind blows
across an ocean so vast
only the illusion of it fits
with a sense of integrity in the palms of my hands;
and suppose I know; I’m almost there

I am a time traveler reality bend splintered
– but the intention is never broken
It’s a time shift; earthly axis tilt
Angel’d dancers angelically glide
with wings all a flutter; wings unbound
A systematic hum, an off kilter flow
Yes, I suppose, I suppose, I know

My own sentimental S.O.S. spirited
to the terminally lost and weary
when all seems very, very far away
Sails full and I’m still feeling hung over
Bow dips and waves crash and you remain
Bones snap but the frame unbroken; the same
We are ready to come about

…and so many tiny islands dotting the horizon
bring tears to my eyes; and I know, I’m almost there

©2020 TrilbyYates