Time Line Unwind

Late night street lights buzz and flicker
almost a bit too much of a slow beat drag
slip your hand into mine and lets walk along the river
Brooklyn Bridge backdrop illuminating
and I can’t see past the halo around your head

All that glitters isn’t gold
and baby don’t I know it to be true
but only time will tell if a dull shine suits me
kind of the way I think you do
and if a wish and a prayer can carry the day
I’d be on my knees thinking about a hell of a lot more
than the color of your eyes as rosary beads slide
across the planks of this old wood floor

Yes it’s been a long time coming
and I’m not even sure I’m on the right path
because maybe I’ve waited too long
to climb down from the widows walk
for lack of interest when all I wanted
was less and nothing more

“And now I need a break man; a step back
loosen the slack, let the hands of the clock…
tick took tick tick, set me free
time line unwind…”

©2017 TrilbyYates


Dry winds blow from somewhere
south of the city limits
and I’m flying high above the clouds
headed west to witness
the joining of his life to hers
and my emotions are a tightrope of joy and anticipation
I shift in my seat 1st class buzz
a glass of champagne compliments of Delta
it’s a push and I don’t mind drifting off
to days when he was too small to think
about anything but color and Legos
sentimental daydreams peaceful reverie
a calming zone washes over me

Standing together his hand in hers eyes wide
golden bands words from the heart fingers entwined
kiss for a future filled with promise and pride
cherishing the moment cherishing each and every moment
a boutonnière for the groom a bouquet for the bride

A warm Austin wind blows flower petals dance in the air…

©2017 TrilbyYates

Walking The Streets Of Tribeca

I walk the streets
where you used to live,
the city you thrived in
The city you fell in love with,
the city that set you free;
while at the same time crippling you –
taking away any sense of coherency
But, you, you were alright,
you were a shining star
you were on fire,
the pretty boy
with the moody green eyes,
the seductive faraway stare
You lived in the city
that pulled you over the edge
Submerging you into darkness,
driving you to cut deeper
until your art bled
into oblivion
Your creative energy dripped
like an intravenous
main lining junkie;
scores strewn across the floor
Your best work,
your brilliance blinds
The toll –
twenty years
of your precious life,
twenty years
of a collective genius
I walk the streets
where you used to live,
the city you played in,
wishing I had known you then –
The clubs that filled
with locals
creative types;
the abstract overly talented
movers and shakers –
to the point of their own absurdity,
just to catch a glimpse
of your vibrancy –
bringing out the lacking
in their own luster
You were
one of a kind,
a rare find
Unique in a time
of originality
An artist to your core,
and yet between all the lines
praise, paranoia and deception
the purity of your soul
was lost on most
and stolen from you
before you understood
what it meant to have a life;
only to let life have you –
Twenty years you said,
twenty years and it had to end
There was joy in your eyes
as they took you away,
a sense of peace
We didn’t realize
our last kiss
was an unknown
Finally, twenty years lost
and finally you had it all
And in that finality,
in a moment,
in an instant,
you were gone…
I walk the streets
in the city you loved
I walk the streets of Tribeca,
imagine running into you  –
Our eyes would meet,
on some magical level
there is a glimmer of recognition
You would smile only slightly
then turn away
I’d write my name
on a piece of paper
and slip it into your pocket
as you brush past  –
looking back
knowing you will find it
and fall in love with me

© 2016 TrilbyYates

It’s Alright

it feels like
I live in
a parallel universe
bent and twisted
perception skewed
But it’s alright
not sure what else to say…
When I turned around
you were holding
your hands up
waving a white flag
total surrender
looking at me
with a blank expression
and I had to look away
But it’s alright
not sure what else to say…
A cool north wind blew
when I needed some
fresh air to breathe
there is no return
there is no reprieve
Like a warm gun
pointed at my head
I’m star gazing
covered by an open sea
wrapped around me
like a wave
I’m looking directly
into the sun
and I’m drifting away
drifting far far away
But it’s alright
not sure what else to say…
When I turned around
you were holding
your hands up
waving a white flag
total surrender
looking at me
with a blank expression
and I had to look away
But it’s alright
not sure what else to say…
it’s alright babe
not sure what else to say
there is no tomorrow
letting go of yesterday…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Music Time

I fell in love with a boy
who held music in his hands
like a fragile thought
that could easily slip away
it filled his heart
like there was never
enough time
for all the notes to play
making his chest ache
the way mine did
every time we kissed
each others lips
making love
on the music room floor
searching for inspiration
knowing it was only
moments away
nothing seemed beyond our reach
so we would wait
and watch the sunrise
slowly coming up and over the city streets
there is such beauty in the breaking of dawn
hitting high notes within the perfection
of a continuous and endless line
listening closely until we couldn’t – dance any more
…remember my name – he’d say
I would look deep into his eyes
while strumming my guitar
never missing a note
his face etched in the most cherished
place in my mind and we both knew
I was his and he was mine
we would be forever – connected in music time

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Deep Blue Sea

Sailing beyond
my senses
Open space
with no boundaries
Wind blows
filling sails,
leaning so far
the rails
mesh with the ocean;
there is no line
or divide…seamless
My mind
remains clear
while demons
from the past
drift off
to a distant edge
of the horizon
vast and so far far away…
With all my experiences,
and all that has yet to unfold,
knowledge continues
to free my soul
And even though
I may have little control
over the strength
and limitless energy
of the deep blue sea;
I have come to know
how to calm
the highs and lows –
the tides of my heart.
A sailors hitch
that twists like a knot
in the pit
of my stomach,
the ache in my spine
causing me to rethink…
what am I still doing here?
When all is said
and all is done,
love remains my destination.
And I will continue
to search,
around the world
port to port,
harbor to harbor;
comforted by the arms
of an endless deep blue sea…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

I Live With No Regrets

Wishful thinking
a few Hail Mary’s
and an Act Of Contrition
thrown in for good luck
– keeps me honest
when I spend to much
time alone…
Once you asked
if I was raised
as a Catholic girl
Big Apple shines bright
in beautiful Italian brown eyes
you said
All I could see
were emerald shades
of green in yours
reflecting in retrospect
is like looking
beyond the mirror
Undeniable passion
while sparks flew
and we strolled along
The River Seine
Your hands soft and electric
reached inside my chest
grabbed a hold of my heart
as if there would be no tomorrow –
(took my breath away)
future pending –
– and there wasn’t …

But, the question remains,
asked to often
out of focus
a balancing act
high wire stress factor
cliff hanger –
Would we have taken that walk
if we had known?

The light flickered –
then went out –

I think, yes…I live with no regrets

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Looking Out To Sea

It was something
something out of a movie scene
From Here To Eternity
we were laying in the sand
tide came up rushing over us
all entangled arms and legs
finger tips tracing
a pathway to the soul
your mouth on mine
whispering words
…you are so beautiful
so beautiful…
kissing my neck
gentle hands
holding me close
eyes closed
sensations like a hot wire
and I heard a voice say
I love you
I love you…
and realized it was mine
in that moment time stopped
the tide went out
and didn’t come back in
and we were standing
looking at each other
you had such a puzzled look
on your face
a puzzled look
and I apologized
I’m sorry
I’m sorry
I didn’t mean to say that
I don’t love you
I like you
I care about you
but I don’t love you…like that
you just stood there
with a puzzled look
on your face
and I knew
it was not you I saw
it was him
and I’m sorry for that
it wasn’t you I was looking at
it was him
and the tide went out
and didn’t come back in
and I was standing there alone
looking out to sea
looking out to sea

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Shifting Sand

Looking out
beyond the reef
beyond the minds
toward the horizon
play sweet
harmonious lullabies
of days gone by
and the best
are yet to come
out there
tides will rise
shifting sand
carry footprints
out to sea
a gentle reminder
that we are
merely mortal
after all
end of the day
nothing will
remain the same
eyes close
drift away
to a place
now and then
the future
holds a bright light
leading the way
gentler times
left behind
cherish the moments
of promise and forever
permeating the senses

© 2016 TrilbyYates