Love Pulse

Sun rises above NYC – glorious
hot pink splashing across the sky
with fingerprints of a lingering night
and I’m stumbling around
like some kind of innocent
still asking the same questions
and still wondering why
maybe it has more to do with the bend in me
than the way the world spins slightly off kilter
white knuckling burn out
with a deep breath in
long drawn out blow
the desire remains the same
and the void is a shift shaker
it comes and goes
northeast wind angst
tiny master of disguise
claims to be my saving grace
but I’ve had my doubts even when I shouldn’t have
a lapsed perspective looking backward hindsight
time will tell in this life
or spin of the squeaky wheel
if love will pulse in-sync
instead of a bleed out
on my proverbial sleeve

© 2021 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.