Ambivalence My Shadow

Three something A.M. bedroom window is lit up like fireworks
Moon beams bounce about the room and the city skyline
Is outlined and illuminated; sparks and promise soar
Wings of a mourning dove brush my left cheek with affection
Windowsill holds lovingly poetry books, photograph from the past,
Seashells and sea glass; an adventure at the shore – so long ago
and as the fates would have it; a twist and turn, reluctance bends
When memories rise and fall like the tides; highs and low
and yes love, I drift in and out of the arms of my lover
Dreams of another time when your heart beat was all I could hear
All I needed next to me – a sound sleep in the arms of your ghost
Now, need has been turned to a wanting; my lover’s kiss brings me to tears
Yet, happiness surrounds me; dancing in his arms is a joy
– ambivalence my shadow
I meditate back to a deep sleep where you are as real as a drop of blood
From your finger tip to mine like a warm kiss to my lips
We took an oath to remain – to letting go
When Father Time tipped his hat; our dream-scapes became reality
Now you come to call when the east wind blows and moon beams glow…

©2021 TrilbyYates