Pressed Against My Soul

Deep sleep dreams slip from an image to a place
Lost in time travel, yet it all makes sense
Moment to moment, breath to breathless, deepest solitude
Once I climbed a mountain high, stood at the summit
Reached up, stretched finger tips and grabbed the sun
The only burn I felt was my ego as it shifted
From my brain to my deeply wounded heart
A profound moment shared, one survivor to another
But suddenly like the flip of a switch everything changes
Lessons lived, lessons learned – far to many bridges burned
Pavlov’s dog howls at the moon and the earth sounds an alarm
Scenic view topples into a seductive Reggaeton beat
What matters is how the body moves within a Latino vibe
Memories are glimpses of a time passed and I will stand alone
Bounce back comes around, lands squarely in the palm of my hand
I reach around on bended knee take a vow to up hold my truth
The truth as I know it. The truth as I hold it, unfold it
Shadows sweep over me and off in the distance I can see
It’s been a long time love – I’ve never forgotten your scent
Almost seems like you never drifted away in the light of day
Wrapped in a blanket on a fall night late October
Tears cascade; in the distance the sound of the ocean roars
A solemn reminder time is fluid without boundaries
A kiss as real as your touch; I literally fall into your arms
You held me so close I can still fell your heart
Beating in my chest, intertwined rhythmic bend
Don’t let go, don’t let go, don’t; we fade and like a fire
Light slips disrupting what can’t be except on those
Rare occasions when the Sandman adds a little extra magic
Conjuring up sweet heart felt moments that last for days
I can still feel the warmth of you pressed against my soul…

©2018 TrilbyYates

Drum Beat on the Table

Walking the shoreline winter winds toss sea foam into the air –
(Yes I digress) a familiar tag line used so often,
the past collides with the present –
life and all of its ups and downs and glory.
Glory, its intentions; seriously not lost on me.
…and as if on autopilot (yet another cliché) I close my eyes –
in a dream they turn from brown to blue
a reflection in the rear view mirror
while driving the New England coastline;
I don’t look away – but admittedly puzzled and charmed.

Crackling emotions have a grip on me
touching my core twisted knots
another hand to the heart moment,
not a gentle tug but more an aching angst;
what can I say as I attempt to medicate the sensation away.

Love blends into the distance,
the horizon always remains the same
like the dreams that never leave me –
like the gentle strum of a guitar
or tapping fingers a drum beat on the table…my chest vibrates.

A bouquet of lavender is left in the door’s lock;
a new vision from the rear view mirror – stop and fade a vivid memory
Recalling a scent that surrounded linen and lace
and while time stands still for no one not even the driver of ones own fate
its alter ego can hold a tight grip – the hands on the clock remain the same
tick toc tick toc timeless without reluctance or pause
I reach a point of almost getting close but not quite there…
The pieces fall with perfection into place and the dreams continue…

©2018 TrilbyYates


It’s the weekend…end of the week beginning of the week
long and short of it makes no sense beginnings or endings
they all fall into neat little boxes with a top and a bottom
a piece of cloud like fluff inside gently placed
each emotion carefully tucked in, the corners soundly folded under
the top placed firmly, with familiarity; a silk ribbon tied securely
sailors knot…loose lips sink ships
thoughts wander off to old sayings, expressions I never understood
yet, they hold their space for another moment, maybe laughter or joy
a ribbon without meaning or symbolic of any cause
a ribbon without a color coded sense of design

It’s the weekend there is live music and poetry slams
all of which seem to have lost some of their luster for me
a shinny bobble dimming as the waves crash against my feet
walking the shoreline feels like an abandonment of my physiological progression
walking the shoreline feels like I’ve jumped ship and could care less
– about the chill in the Atlantic
gray days, rain seems endless, sad thoughts and gloom push the envelope
into a the lost not found folder on some unknown postal workers desk
as if the intention was to be categorized, sorted or kept

It’s the weekend…end of the week beginning of the week

©2017 TrilbyYates

Washes Over Me

I walked with you only to learn
what it meant to feel
sand and sea washing over me
Sand and the sea have a way of cleansing the senses
and freeing the soul
Twists and turns, knots and noose fall slack
and slumber eases its way backward;
– nothing short of insomnia
I walked with you only to learn
my footing was shallow
never on solid ground
Sand slips beneath my feet and the sea washes over me
the sea always washes over me,
and the wind sings a gut wrenching melody
that never leaves; a tune to recall
from now until eternity,
it washes over me, always washing over me
I walked with you only to learn
a lesson lived a lesson learned
and bridges walked over yet never burned
is like a wave of tranquility
and the sand slips beneath my feet
and the sea washes over me
The sea always washes over me
The sea washes over me

©2017 TrilbyYates

Waters Edge

I walk the winters shoreline slow and easy
Bits of sand cling to the bottom of my boots
An occasional seashell eclipses my solitude – it becomes mine
A treasured token memory like a stranger that I take home just
For the night safe from a tidal uprising
I’ll enter the waters calm and plunge deep within
Searching for a peaceful time and send you off to war
There is little left when the sun rises and shadows begin to fall
And I, simply put, have nothing left, there isn’t any more

Morning light draws a fine line that glistens on the horizon
Sunshine builds castles in the sand as I walk away
They become vaguely familiar images filled with questionable
Dream like memories and jagged edged recall
My own imagination pulls me closer to the waters song
Drawing me under not a breath to be taken
Only my heartbeat remains the same even when no one else
….can hear it at all

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Safely I…

Morning sun rises in the east pinks and golden light gently wash over sand and sea leaves fall drops of dew glistening with song sea grass bend with ease.

I close my eyes feeling warmth on my skin. Safely I sway.

Branches reaching bare boned fingers of Father Time wisdom pointing to a euphoric sensation touching gingerly treasured within a sequence of knowledge revealed.

I breathe deeply salty air cleanse. Safely I ex-hale.

The voice of an ocean breeze whispers secrets told when the heart opens to the truths of the soul perception is as personal as faith as personal as a heartbeat as personal as cherished memories.

I skip sea-stones bounce counting; 1, 2, 3. Safely I smile.

© TrilbyYates 2016

My Ocean Song

Looking out beyond the shifting tide
my eyes wander to the most distant imaginary corner
Imaginary corner because there is none, really –
Out there beyond water and wind;
as if a shadow of substance might fall into form,
rather than something cast from a cloud above
A fine line arches with no beginning and no end
and all there is, is direction
Direction, vast – vast…
Coast to coast
Land’s end to land fall
Where does one begin and one end?
Questions that burn into infinity
Questions I think about obsessively
And, the answers they seem to come at their own pace;
or at a new level of transformation
Direction unknown
Future unknown
Love unknown
I pause, but do not hesitate;
because within all of that,
there is a love for what is mine
A love for the unseen
A love for what can be
A thirst for knowledge
A true thirst for brain splitting knowledge
How many times have I stood in this exact spot?
How many times have I looked out beyond the breaking waves
and as my eyes wander and the tears fall
did I find there is always another question forming
and another answer waiting to be heard?

© 2016 TrilbyYates


Yes, I let you hold my hand
and I held yours…
– acknowledging a perfect fit
Yes, I let you look into my eyes
I curiously looked into yours…
– I didn’t blink or turn away
letting you past the walls of protection
Yes, I let you pull me close to you;
wrap your arms around me
and kiss me passionately
Yes, I reciprocated without hesitation
Yes, a warm wind blew
time stood still
– and yes my heart raced
Yes, I was intrigued, flattered
and slightly bewildered
Yes, all your words rang true
– and yes I am attracted to you
Yes, I have thought about you since
Yes, I have dreams about you
…the moment you leaned in
and took my breath away
…welcoming you with delight
Yes, I have wondered
what it would have been like…
if we had spent the night together
…if only, if only
Yes, I smile at the thought
of our stolen moment
Yes, it seemed you found
what I thought I had lost
– and genuinely returned it
Yes, we connected
Yes, I have no regrets

You might ask me why – my simple reply
“I let you into my head but not my heart darlin…”
And yes I would do it again…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Dazzling My Senses

All the human elements
lined up with perfection
– the tangible and the abstract…
The underlying passions and dreams;
the insecurities and vulnerabilities – risk factors
We all have our fantasies
tucked away quietly at times,
joyful exhilaration at others – how risqué
– slightest blush at the thought
I tumbled willfully without intention
into a gentle comforting place
as if magically conjured up
by some unknown source;
Moirai song of fate
pleasantly lulling away
any sense of fear – or logic
Surprised how perfectly
your hand fit into mine;
sand and sea – intoxicating…
A sense of knowing reassured
an unwillingness to turn away
Admitting that sometimes
I fall down the rabbit hole – with eyes wide
Alice In Wonderland’s flawed belief
questioning all that is good
and all that is grand,
all that is outstanding
and unique – simply sublime
Smiling at the familiarity
acknowledged by the look in your eyes
My life has become a free fall
– with no expectations
Allowing me to keep clear
of becoming judgmentally minded
So while thunder storms
and high humidity swirled around us
dazzling my senses…
– you leaned in and kissed me once more ~

© 2016 TrilbyYates