Deep Blue Sea

Sailing beyond my senses
Open space with no boundaries
Wind blows filling sails, leaning so far the rails
mesh with the ocean; there is no line or divide…seamless
My mind remains clear while demons from the past
disappear, drift off to a distant edge of the horizon
vast and so far, far away…
With all my experiences and all that has yet to unfold,
knowledge continues to free my soul
And even though I may have little control
over the strength and limitless energy
of the deep blue sea; I have come to know how to calm
the highs and lows – the tides of my heart.
A sailors hitch that twists like a knot in the pit of my stomach,
the ache in my spine causing me to rethink…what am I still doing here?
When all is said and all is done, love remains my destination.
And I will continue to search; sailing around the world
port to port, harbor to harbor; comforted by the arms
of an endless deep blue sea…

© 2022 TrilbyYates All rights Reserved.