One foot in front
of the other
a sexy aloof
sway of the hips
purposely oblivious
to watching eyes
entranced by the sounds
that surround
Atlantic breeze
always makes
the heart skip a beat
passion still flows –
A smile appears as corners
turn up on glossy full lips
simple thought sings silently
when out of the blue
4” stiletto gets stuck
random spaces between
floating dock on top
of a restless sea
throwing off the perfection
of a seductive stride
sweet sound 12 bar riff
the only vibration
that echos bouncing
from mast to mast
obscene ranting
of frustration
pick up the pieces
dust them off
take another step
a bit more aware
of what lie ahead
go against the grain
blow caution to the wind
one last act of defiance
step on board
a swaying 40 footer
heels in hand
exposing a subtle
amount of long legs
a left hand salute
questioning eyes
“Permission to come a board, Captain?”

© 2015 TrilbyYates

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