Beyond The Fog

Early morning light peers through tiny cracks like a private eye – subtle surveillance
Between nightmares and day-dreams there is a harsh sense that shoots across the sky
As reality focuses on the blurred vision of weary eyes and the only time line has spanned the universe
A love that lives in another sphere…what is there after you?
The question lay still and the answers are silent…

For certain, one day follows the next,
the sun will rise and the sun will set…
the tide is high and the tide is low…
the night comes  and the morning goes…

I wake up knowing that there is something more and yet there is no clarity beyond the fog of my own imagination…

© 2016 TrilbyYates


Loop Affect

Walking toward the morning sunrise

…Red sky at night a sailors delight
Red sky in morning sailors take warning…

Secluded shore covered in a blanket of
Sand and stone…
Seashells and colored sea glass
Tossed playfully to and fro
While footsteps are quietly washed away
No remnants left behind
An emotional tide of highs and lows
A continuous loop

Summer, winter, spring and fall…

© 2015 TrilbyYates

Never Felt A Sunrise

Notes float
cool blues
steal guitar slide
old love song
the line rolls
something like this
or that
doesn’t matter much
if you get my point
and I know you do…

“…I never saw a sunset until I met you babe…”

and so the story goes
from one
seductive phrase
to another
leaving much
to a tired imagination
and I’ll wonder for a lifetime
what’s hidden behind
that perfect smile
when the music between us flows
another line rolls

“…never felt a sunrise until I met you babe…”

© 2016 Trilby Yates

Women Of The Sea

The wind rages from the West
across the main land filling sails
sending the day from point to point
mainsail luff,
“…come about…”
a thought
that never makes its way
from brain wave
to verbal vibration –
all hands on deck
a solo act
when solitude is the destination
of least resistance
peace rises between layers
of wind and cloud
9 knots with 8 foot swells
adrenalin hits a high note
as if Sachamo were crew
blowing old favorites
from a time when life was a mystery
or what we thought it could be –
temptation drifts off
into the slow burn of a sunset
memories find a harmonious harbor
to rest during the inevitable storm
slow sway
sentimental echo
making lovers dance
babies dream

while women of the sea
gaze beyond the horizon…

© 2016 Trilby Yates

Comfort Zone

Old Couple ~ Train Station 2011

Warm summer breeze
blows by
like a one hit wonder
that plays over and over
with the familiarity
of a gentle smile
greetings at the door
welcome home sweet one
some say boredom
sets in with time
and the eyes wander
but I remain in awe
of the next day
same old sunrise
same old sunset
red sky at night
sailors delight
red sky in the morning
sailors take warning

Gentle touch, sweet kiss, comfort in the familiar…

© 2011 Trilby Yates