Women Of The Sea

The wind rages from the West
across the main land filling sails
sending the day from point to point
mainsail luff,
“…come about…”
a thought
that never makes its way
from brain wave
to verbal vibration –
all hands on deck
a solo act
when solitude is the destination
of least resistance
peace rises between layers
of wind and cloud
9 knots with 8 foot swells
adrenalin hits a high note
as if Sachamo were crew
blowing old favorites
from a time when life was a mystery
or what we thought it could be –
temptation drifts off
into the slow burn of a sunset
memories find a harmonious harbor
to rest during the inevitable storm
slow sway
sentimental echo
making lovers dance
babies dream

while women of the sea
gaze beyond the horizon…

© 2016 Trilby Yates