Nature does not come to me naturally
It does not draw me in and enchant me
Mesmerizing dancing fantasies
It does not set my inner child free
Holding the fear close – irrational push pull
The child holds it close occasionally letting it go
Nature does not entice my lioness spirit to roar
Or prompt an inquisitive desire for more
I am particular about how nature is allowed in
Uneasy to let it too close
Uneasy without making excuses
Yet I see the beauty in Nature’s way – abstract tunnel vision
Not blinded by its uncertainty or adrenaline rush
I absorb Natures gentle stimulation
I can see the reflective shimmer in a raindrop
The intricacies in a single snowflake
The connection of each petal to the flower’s core
I accept the power in a wistful wind
Aware of how fickle its mood can be
To heal and wound, give and take – unpredictability
Never underestimating the breath of the sea
I’m comfortable with its endless eastward view
Waves, sand and shell liberating – endless lacking
No boundaries or considerations
Nature does not come naturally to me

© 2016 TrilbyYates


What We Knew Then

I wish
were my friend
my confidant
the one
that would
hold me close
when the wind
doesn’t blow
the one
that would keep
the sails full
even though
all odds
are against us
and when
the shadows
from a dark past
come to surface
you alone would
illuminate my senses
clearing the fog
bringing sanity
back to port
safe haven in love
and wisdom
I wish you
had a vantage point
beyond what is seen
from a flat line
spaces never exist
unless we
create them
I wish you
knew now
what we knew then…

© 2016 Trilby

Glowing In The Wind

Looking away
from the coast
line drawn
in the sand
off in the distance
flat beat
of another song
leaves me
is an addiction
that bleeds
ambivalence remains
with choices made
walk away
or glide
fly high
or dig in
depth of despair
is a drag
old wounds
don’t heal
they just gradually
fade away
when the time
is right
unstructured texture
colors glisten
and life
is no longer
a candle
glowing in the wind…

© 2016 TrilbyYates

There Is No Sound

Gracious words are like honeycombs to the soul…(Proverbs 16:24)

There is no sound
like this
echo’s from place
to place
and back again
there are no moments
like this
hold tight
blow a kiss
to nowhere
carried off
far away
boat ride Galilee
to Old Harbor
with the wind
to my back
and the sun
rising in the east
there’s nothing
keeping my soul
from floating away
when night turns
to day
and black
to gray…

There is no sound like this
that echo’s from place to place
and back again ~

© 2016 Trilby Yates

Dance Away My Fears

The past seeps into some kind
of abstract perspective
My own different from yours – I am sure
My spin, my angle from where I sleep
never falls short of illusive
Yours, off in the distant fog – sails full
wind blows coast to coast,
shore to shore drop off
You catch sea foam in you hands
and playfully toss it into the air
I wonder if you will
remain so beautiful – in the afterlife
Tear stained face, eyes covered in shades
– to keep out the light
Death comes in with a brute force;
an awakening of sorts – I suppose
It’s the alarm clock of life,
ticking by waking us up to another day;
while visuals flash between
the mind and daydreams
of a past that needs to be
– reckoned with
And all we have is where we stand
right here and in the now
Feet planted firmly in the sand
forever changing
foot prints slip away
beyond the reef
and into the deep blue sea
The past has a hold of my heart
and I can’t seem to set it free
Yesterday is incomplete…so sublime
and if I could do one more thing
If I could go back in time
…step out and rewind
It would be to linger
with you standing in the waves
I would tell you
all the things you
ever wanted to know
Say all the things
you needed me to say
…if I had just one more day
What if I held out my hand
and you never let go
Would the Angels come
between us and tare us apart
So I will try not to cry
for you sweet darlin
I’ll try not to shed another tear
and I promise to walk along the shoreline
and dance away all my fears
…dance away my fears

©2015 TrilbyYates