Love Once More

Sea breeze coming in from across the bay
Your arm around my shoulder as we walk
Allowing the sound of the seagulls and wind
…to carry us away
You take my hand bring it to your lips and kiss
While looking lovingly at my face; in a soft voice
You reveal ‘your dreams are dancing in the pools of my eyes’
There would be no better place to surrender ones heart
While love is swimming with the tide – hand to heart, yours to mine
We salvage a piece of drift wood and carve our initials in the sand
Placing stones and shells; the shape of a full moon, full circle surround
We laugh and smile; holding tight this love we have been graced with
This love that we both know we must cherish and protect – the tide turns

My heart feels whole and safe
once more, forever more;
at the touch of your hand,
the sound of your voice,
a kiss you place passionately on my lips…

© 2021 Trilby Yates