Reminisce With Fondness

If the stars had been aligned
and the winds blew
a gentler breeze from the east
crossing over the Sound
arriving on lands end
and a full harvest moon
had been on the rise
maybe then
we would have realized
life is a short seductive story
bitter sweet at times
and the best is not always
yet to come…
Knowing all too well
that the here and now
hold all the glory
of star gazing moments
that capture the heart
and move the soul
to pleasant tears
and to never let go…
Even with all odds
against us
swimming with the tide
sentiments unknown
on this first day of spring
thoughts wander
the imagination drifts
like a message in a bottle
floating out to sea
our secret love poems
entwined with devotion
cherished times of holding hands
and kisses deep into the night…

I do reminisce with fondness ~

© 2014 TrilbyYates

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