Yes, I let you hold my hand
and I held yours…
– acknowledging a perfect fit
Yes, I let you look into my eyes
I curiously looked into yours…
– I didn’t blink or turn away
letting you past the walls of protection
Yes, I let you pull me close to you;
wrap your arms around me
and kiss me passionately
Yes, I reciprocated without hesitation
Yes, a warm wind blew
time stood still
– and yes my heart raced
Yes, I was intrigued, flattered
and slightly bewildered
Yes, all your words rang true
– and yes I am attracted to you
Yes, I have thought about you since
Yes, I have dreams about you
…the moment you leaned in
and took my breath away
…welcoming you with delight
Yes, I have wondered
what it would have been like…
if we had spent the night together
…if only, if only
Yes, I smile at the thought
of our stolen moment
Yes, it seemed you found
what I thought I had lost
– and genuinely returned it
Yes, we connected
Yes, I have no regrets

You might ask me why – my simple reply
“I let you into my head but not my heart darlin…”
And yes I would do it again…

© 2016 TrilbyYates


Dazzling My Senses

All the human elements
lined up with perfection
– the tangible and the abstract…
The underlying passions and dreams;
the insecurities and vulnerabilities – risk factors
We all have our fantasies
tucked away quietly at times,
joyful exhilaration at others – how risqué
– slightest blush at the thought
I tumbled willfully without intention
into a gentle comforting place
as if magically conjured up
by some unknown source;
Moirai song of fate
pleasantly lulling away
any sense of fear – or logic
Surprised how perfectly
your hand fit into mine;
sand and sea – intoxicating…
A sense of knowing reassured
an unwillingness to turn away
Admitting that sometimes
I fall down the rabbit hole – with eyes wide
Alice In Wonderland’s flawed belief
questioning all that is good
and all that is grand,
all that is outstanding
and unique – simply sublime
Smiling at the familiarity
acknowledged by the look in your eyes
My life has become a free fall
– with no expectations
Allowing me to keep clear
of becoming judgmentally minded
So while thunder storms
and high humidity swirled around us
dazzling my senses…
– you leaned in and kissed me once more ~

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Walking The Streets Of Tribeca

I walk the streets
where you used to live,
the city you thrived in
The city you fell in love with,
the city that set you free;
while at the same time crippling you –
taking away any sense of coherency
But, you, you were alright,
you were a shining star
you were on fire,
the pretty boy
with the moody green eyes,
the seductive faraway stare
You lived in the city
that pulled you over the edge
Submerging you into darkness,
driving you to cut deeper
until your art bled
into oblivion
Your creative energy dripped
like an intravenous
main lining junkie;
scores strewn across the floor
Your best work,
your brilliance blinds
The toll –
twenty years
of your precious life,
twenty years
of a collective genius
I walk the streets
where you used to live,
the city you played in,
wishing I had known you then –
The clubs that filled
with locals
creative types;
the abstract overly talented
movers and shakers –
to the point of their own absurdity,
just to catch a glimpse
of your vibrancy –
bringing out the lacking
in their own luster
You were
one of a kind,
a rare find
Unique in a time
of originality
An artist to your core,
and yet between all the lines
praise, paranoia and deception
the purity of your soul
was lost on most
and stolen from you
before you understood
what it meant to have a life;
only to let life have you –
Twenty years you said,
twenty years and it had to end
There was joy in your eyes
as they took you away,
a sense of peace
We didn’t realize
our last kiss
was an unknown
Finally, twenty years lost
and finally you had it all
And in that finality,
in a moment,
in an instant,
you were gone…
I walk the streets
in the city you loved
I walk the streets of Tribeca,
imagine running into you  –
Our eyes would meet,
on some magical level
there is a glimmer of recognition
You would smile only slightly
then turn away
I’d write my name
on a piece of paper
and slip it into your pocket
as you brush past  –
looking back
knowing you will find it
and fall in love with me

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Music Time

I fell in love with a boy
who held music in his hands
like a fragile thought
that could easily slip away
it filled his heart
like there was never
enough time
for all the notes to play
making his chest ache
the way mine did
every time we kissed
each others lips
making love
on the music room floor
searching for inspiration
knowing it was only
moments away
nothing seemed beyond our reach
so we would wait
and watch the sunrise
slowly coming up and over the city streets
there is such beauty in the breaking of dawn
hitting high notes within the perfection
of a continuous and endless line
listening closely until we couldn’t – dance any more
…remember my name – he’d say
I would look deep into his eyes
while strumming my guitar
never missing a note
his face etched in the most cherished
place in my mind and we both knew
I was his and he was mine
we would be forever – connected in music time

© 2016 TrilbyYates

Beach Boys

Hot steamy summer day…not a cloud in the sky; brilliant blue dome of color – a slight breeze floats by on the up beat of a song dancing through the air; off in the distance sailboats lean, lean, lean stretching canvas and rails dip in the salty sea – flashback summer sweat dripping kisses…glorious sight makes my heart race.

Beach scene high tide, scent of coconut oil is like a time chaser – burst of images black and white, Kodachrome edited memories. Families, babies, teens, college kids, Gran and Pop – fill the sandy shoreline with souvenir beach towels and beach chairs; radiant red, seafaring blue and lemon yellow umbrellas adorn the landscape making up an amazing painters pallet. Aroma therapy and visual overload – in this surrounding I am thrilled to be alive!

Strategically placing myself on the fringes – a space between me and the masses. A buffer from all the chatter and one on one contact – my comfort zone just left of everything and nothing – with one foot hanging over the edge; acting as an anchor keeping me from wandering to far out in an endless sea. A beach day to listen to music – drifting away on notes and combinations of words; all stirring emotions and pushing fantasies for later creative use – deep breath in/exhale – blow. Moments of “shear poetry”.

A group of three “t’ween” boys invade my peripheral vision and my solitude. Soft images flurry past, intense energy…carrying plastic beach shovels – with definite intentions. There were no words exchanged, an innate plan was brewing and clearly understood by all participants.

As much as I tried to ignore this group of adolescent males, (they reminded me of boys from my past) it was impossible…I was captivated by the “boys club” dance – and felt privy after so many years being on the outside secretly looking in, never understanding what made them tick and now I had a clear up front view – camouflaging myself behind a pair of sunglasses instead of my naiveté .

Quickly personalities started to pop…the shy one, the leader, the funny boy – these roles seemed set in stone, not interchangeable. Each knew their character and played it uncomfortably well. Pigeon holed for a moment in time.

I sat back, shades on, ear-buds in and observed with delight!

The boys started to dig a hole in the sand, within 30 minutes it was clearly going to be a very large hole. Occasionally a group of “t’ ween” girls would slowly walk past; seemingly ignoring the boys…a little flip of their hair, arms linked and giggles…boys reacting, doing boy things – they jumped in the 4′ deep hole, threw sand at each other, swore and laughed and dug faster as if they were just injected with high levels of testosterone.

The girls circled around several times, swishing their feet into the sand, hips swaying overly exaggerated this way and that as they walked by. Flirtatious glances exchanged, occasional eye contact and then the uncontrollable bursts of blushing red covered cheeks were a dead give away. A vision of pure innocent seduction; beach boys from long ago…summer in the city. Motown playing and dancing on the sidewalks – sweet delicious memories.

Off in the distance songs from the concession stand began to play summer songs, the hit list…Heatwave, Under The Boardwalk, Girl From Ipanema, In The Summer Time…on and on drum beat, finger snapping melodies swept me away finally into a deep sleep…

© 2014 TrilbyYates

Too Often

Gentle motion
your eyes reach
the distance and time
remain the same
for me…
I often wonder about you
I often dream about you
never completely
sub-level mind
unable to
let go
long talks
hand in hand
slow walk
from your car
to mine
dock side
harbor lights
soften the moments
still frame
halo glow
that first kiss
tender words
your  fingers
with mine
you turn
smile wide
looking back
I never truly walked
the depth
of our romance
we will never know

…too often I wonder about you, dream about you

© 2016 TrilbyYates


A slight movement forward
wind shifts suddenly
there is
a tumbling sensation
in each step
I’ve taken
your touch
was never an absolute
and as much as I knew that
going in
it’s the
coming out
that’s another story
time is not on my side
and as I wander
between my thoughts
there is a tug
at my heart
wishing one thing
could be true
that flight
wasn’t a solution
or a place of comfort
I’m running to –
here I stand
fair winds and following seas
unable to find my way
once again
and things haven’t changed
all that much
since my youth
when boys would be boys
and men will be boys too
I question the disconnect
from what is said
and what is heard
all the words
exchanged between us
nothing ever remains
very clear
so I’ll listen to sad songs
once again
wishing the nights away
cursing you for leaving me
in this place
when all that I have
are memories
of sweeter days…

© 2016 Trilby

Beach Walk Mid July

Cold winter days
circle around
in a flurry
snowflakes fall gently
solitude in daydreams
and sweet whispered words
make me blush
at the thought
of what could be
if only to let go…
I wonder if
we are a good fit
or if when time tells
its tall tale
an unedited version of truth –
self indulgent melancholy
if the reflection
that bounces back
isn’t what we suppose
best to leave
the stories behind
like an old song
such a sweet serenade
taps ever so lightly
angst is at the core of my insecurities
reaching into my heart
with one finger on the pulse
of all that keeps the beat
of complete surrender
to a new time
and new space
when all the potential
that I hold dear
can be realized
and shine ever so brightly
with the comfort
of a beach walk
in mid July

© 2016 Trilby

Sway Of The Dance

Red wine sipped through lips
painted shades of frost and crimson
…dark eyes look away –  a seductive glance
meant only for you and
when the night tumbles around us
while stars shoot across the sky
there will be a time when your hands embrace the moment
and hold its place with mine…

That first kiss speaks volumes
a prelude to what could be
…if we want it badly enough
please don’t take for granted
that my affection will remain open to you
I could hold out for a lifetime to get it right
what we dream, what we have lost
keep the heart beating…setting the soul free

Dare I caress the sway of the dance – again?

© 2016 TrilbyYates