Political Agenda

Fine smooth facial lines crisscross

like a jagged war torn village road
a mapping of your indiscretions
never deviating from the facts
truths be told – behold the awkwardness
leaving a distinct manicured impression
unique to a solitary finger print
left at the scene of an other wise
meticulously assumed moral crime
your party established the rhythm
and patterned the rhyme
knowing full well without hesitation or pause
slight acknowledgement
…sleight of hand
…tip of the hat
and wink for well wishers…star on the rise

You can hold your own confidently
in a world of bigoted gamblers and frigid ladies men
dropping by unexpectedly – is not your style
a plan well executed there is no need for substitutes
or complacent passive aggressive denial
transparent wide lip color stained grin
adheres for only a little while
…because there are no surprises
when the lights are purposefully dimmed
and you methodically pull back
the blankets that comfort,
keeping the sails secured and trimmed
skin warms up slightly to a vacancy of touch
with a tinge of remorse, yet there is never very much
leaving it to the drama of a well fed media soaked imagination
secrets alluded to, yet never spoken – out loud
there remains a disturbing non stop white noise
…the burn of white knuckling frustration
buzz kill switch off – solid electrifying reaction
tantalizing, cautiously denying
frozen in time self sabotaging attraction…

The simple truth of a political agenda…

© 2014 TrilbyYates

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