One Step, Two Step

“Walking down Canal street,
one step, two step
knocking every door
one step, two step couldn’t find a whore …”
Double Dutch
jump rope rhymes
play that beat baby
keep the rhythm
keep the time…
And I know you know
I still have your drum set
and play louder
and harder everyday
just to prove a point
of least resistance
it’s a doable existence
I often wonder
what would you think
what would you say – if anything at all
No question there is still life
in this spirit of mine
even though the game changed
I feel – this is a new sensation –
like a fish out of water – at times
I have always been a fast learner
with little frustration
I own the right to travel the road
with the wind in my face
and there isn’t a trace
of regret or remorse
And a rhythm I learned on the street
R&B soulful sound
is in my blood so profound
a flowing beat
that never lets
the inner self stop moving
the temperature rises
I feel the heat
I’ll bang away
bang until the light of day
sticks to skins
cymbals vibrate
all that reminiscing
won’t go to waste  – you taught me well
And you of all people
knew I always had a thing
for drummer boys – still do
now with eyes wide
and an open soul
every note counts
like the steps of AA
Rosary in hand
I continue to pray – to whom I don’t know –
And although my only addiction
is a desire for truth and happiness
with many a detour along the way – I admit
I breathe for lessons still to be lived and to be learned
and oh so many bridges never to be burned – that would be such a waste
So as I play and drift far, far way
as if there is this magical place…and I believe there is
The music holds for me – like a lover
in a different way
as words are my weapon of choice
but in this zone
it is a master of its own
space and time slip away
and all night long I play and play…

© 2014 TrilbyYates

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