Time Together

I recall the wonderful dreams you had
the way they put a smile on your face
the way life used to take you by storm
…but never caught you off guard
Now and then I come to terms
with all that we once had
and all that we could not hold onto
As hard as we tried it slipped away
like the wind in a storm that passes
without intention or direction…
Once upon a time you held my heart
tenderly in your hands
you said all the things I ever longed to hear
and you meant every single
sweet word and cherished moment
But we didn’t know what was around the next turn
so we never looked ahead
…and that’s not a short coming
only life and how one lives
and we lived so close to the perimeter
You could feel the razors edge
cutting into your skin
like a knife to the heart
and nothing would be left
when all was said and done
Now you have moved to another space in time
where angel’s songs are sung echoing in the heavens
And I stand on the cliff of our time together
and will never forget you – I will never forget you…

© 2015 TrilbyYates

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