Shades drawn closed
darkness blankets
every corner of the room
shadows become one
flattened and obscure
off in the distance
are muted sounds
a whistling tea pot
hopefully someone
will attend to its needs
wrapped gingerly within
solitary seclusion and doubt
…insecurity has become
a knife held to my throat
by my own hand
widow’s lasting garb
fits like a second skin
forming tightly around
my waist and chest
heart beats out of necessity
blood flows like an encore
I hide within the day to day
smiles and conversation
secretly counting the seconds
to when I might feel
somewhat alive again
it comes and goes
velvet waves washing over
and a twisting churning knot
tightens in my chest
familiar hand reaching deep
fingers entwined
a death grip crippling
sleep comes a timely relief
if only temporary
ghosts and dream screams
flutter quietly about
softly stroking my cheek
cold and damp to touch
until I rise and begin again
praying for resolve and relief

© 2015 TrilbyYates

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