I Want

I walk a fine line, a tight rope from polar vortex to polar vortex
A non space in the middle troposphere that extends into the stratosphere 
Earthly fears never hold me back; I don’t ever look back
…except when reminiscing over candle light

I am a borderline narcissist as most of my friends;
– but isn’t that just being human?
Isn’t that all part of our DNA?
Don’t blame mom and pop, blame Dr. Who with a foggy recollection
Dyno-gen pool mix and match his and hers blended 
Soaring colors shoot into the darkest pockets of a night sky 
Full moon blitz aurora borealis splintered shock wave dash!

I want to dance
– and sing; play my guitar 
I want to write with no inhibitions 
I want my passions to have no limits 
I want to kiss with no intention 
Love with no expectations 
Hold the one next to me
as if it is our last day 
on this lovely planet 
Our last day driving this vehicle 
into the ground 
And when my spirit lets go of the wheel 
there will be a band playing my favorite songs
The lights dim and the tight rope will snap
Sparks will soar whip lash perfection
My life will become beautiful once again

© 2016 TrilbyYates

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