Free Wheeling

I don’t know man
I’m drifting around
kind of blurry eyed
and every time
I think I’ve got it right
– every time I think
there is a turning of the tide
some asshole steps up
and shines a bright light
on all my hiding places
And I am not sure
if anyone cares
and that little care-less
nonchalant mention
goes a long way
when all that flies by
in the middle of the night
are distant sirens
from someone else’s
– tragedy
And isn’t that
the American way
Isn’t that
what we were taught
Isn’t that
the common thread
that ties us all together
– linked by a common thread
or blood line
never drawn
– in the sand
last breath
or taking a stand
And you never
have to acknowledge
my existence
…you never
have to acknowledge
my existence
simply because
I believe
I have been
free wheeling …my life away

© 2015 TrilbyYates